Phase Two - The Trip Begins......
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OKAY !!!! I still can't believe that I am actually here in California. I feel like I am on vacation, and since I haven't worked in over 6 weeks, its kind of like being retired, only totally broke!!!

First order of business was to contact Uhaul and find out where they wanted me to turn in the trailer. It wasn't too far from my new home. Kim and I turned it in and I gotta say, the manager of this Uhaul office was very smart, and a great people person. I told him up front that this might be a sticky return, but he just jumped right in. I got the last two days free since the breakdown, no problem. He fixed the original contract which had been written for the wrong number of days, and all I had to pay for was the actual 3 days I was late. In addition, he took the motel bill and reimbursed me for the entire amount, even the phone charges, and then gave me back my $20 deposit too. I wasn't supposed to get the deposit back as I was late, but all in all, I was most satisfied. I still think about trying to pursue a complaint against Uhaul due to the shoddy shape of the original equipment and the problems getting it fixed, but this man did say that in all of the thousands of daily rentals, just a few problems doesn't seem like much. Yes, that is true, and this time there were no injuries, but what if???? /then Kim read my paperwork I got from Uhaul in the first place and told me I had no leg to stand on. It is right in their agreement that they are not to blame or responsible for delays caused due to things including their equipment failure!!!! what a contract, eh? they just treat you nice when there is a problem, and no one raises a stink. I will let everyone know what I decide to do about this.

Kim and I then went to Jack In The Box to get some lunch and went home for the rest of the day. I worked on all of my journals, and got them published, as you can see, and tried to get my laptop connected to their little home network in place of Steph's computer, which is down, but it wouldn't work. I will have to install the Cox software to get it working, and call them to get her IP address and computer name too since it wasn't written down anywhere we could find. I watched some television in the afternoon while Kim went and did her laundry and joined the Sea World Credit Union. Todd called, and we picked him up from work, went to IHOP for dinner and then back home to just hang out and watch election results on TV....nothing else much on, really, and it is so close....:) Todd took my truck to go back to his place to get some personal things and then to stop and play some music with his friend, Ed. He got back to the house around 10:15 pm, and made his bed on the living room floor and crashed out around 11am...I came online to finish this work,etc. and Steph had already gone to bed. Kim is at hockey and will be home around 12:30. I will be crashing out soon myself, altho I took a nice nap at 8:30 pm for about 1-1/2 hours...however, with Todd staying in the living room with me, there is no place for me to just hang out once Kim comes home and takes her room back over...:(

Tomorrow, Kim and Steph are going to the Wild Animal Park with another of their friends and I am left to my own devices. I might try some shopping on my own, or just work on building a computer and straightening out some boxes. I hope to make some phone calls to set appointments to visit recruiters and stuff like that. Just another day in sunny southern California. I did have an asthma attack today, might have been the sauce used on my tacos (they accidentally gave me two wrong tacos, which I partially ate), or I am reacting to the house here...whichever it is, I am feeling better but not great tonite....I only hope it isn't the environment, cause then I might be in trouble...but all will work out, I am totally sure.

ciao,     phyl     =+]

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