the back journal entries, phase one and two
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I got a good night sleep, expecting to be back on the road in the morning, but that wasn't to happen. I couldn't get the Uhaul service dealer on the phone, so I checked out of the room and went to their location, just a few blocks away. I found a large gravel lot full of trucks and trailers (mine too), and their office was a hotel room with an 85 year old man working behind a small desk....smoking like a chimney. Yikes. There was a man ahead of me trying to turn in a rental truck, taking him 45 min to do so. I got frustrated and called the 800 number again, this time finally getting a very nice young man, Raol, who actually wanted to help me, not just placate me with stories and lies. After calling him back several times between 9:30 and 11:00, he was told someone would be onsite with me in 30 minutes to transload my trailer into another trailer and I could leave !!!!! Well, it turned out that this man didn't arrive until only took him 20 minutes to put everything from my little trailer onto blankets on the ground (which I had to beg for), and then 30 minutes for him and a 2nd man to reload my stuff into a slightly larger trailer. And I was back on the road finally at 1:49pm....I am so angry with Uhaul for the shabby service, and piss poor service that I would never rent from them again. It is the 3rd time for me or my family to have rotten luck with Uhaul.

The rest of the trip to CA went uneventful...and the trailer actually pulled like a dream. I had no trouble climbing the mountains, and it was smooth riding....making me believe that the bearings on that first trailer were probably bad for the entire trip!!!! The views as I came down the mountains into various valleys in California were totally awesome. I got some good video, again, but the night was totally awesome. The first major valley I saw coming around a corner was for Victorville....and the lights that spread out in front of me just blew my mind...however, I couldn't get them on tape, too dark for the camera to really be effective...just one more view for the memories.

I got into my kids place at 8:30pm, called my parents, and sent a few emails right away, and just collapsed. My girls unloaded my trailer and are able to store all of my things here at their house, which is so cool. I won't have to rent a storage locker after all...woohoo!!!!    good night for now,   phyl  :+]

Today, I got a bit of a shock when I checked out of my room, the phone bill was rather high. They charged a whole lot more than the place did yesterday, but it is all good. It is important to me to stay in touch while on the road, and for my friends and family to know that I am okay....just part of the trip costs.

I am once again staying at a motel on the old Route 66, and I ate at a Denny's which is also on the route. At least I can use some of the old roads, even tho it isn't what I had originally envisioned. While driving thru parts of Texas, I could only imagine and wonder what those folks of long ago thought about this part of the country. Nothing but miles and miles of flat lands going as far the eye could see, for miles and miles...:) :) And if they crossed in the summer, the heat gets rather unbearable too. Today, I truly hope to make it to might be a bit later in the day than I had originally planned, but to get there will be fantastic.

The first major city that I travel thru is Flagstaff....and that place is so gorgeous...I am already in the hills and mountains of Arizona, and there are so many pine trees, etc. all around me and even snow!!!! I got great video, but no stills yet, so I will have to show them to you all later in another format. You go up the slopes to get to Flagstaff, and then on the other side, you slide down. I believe we peaked at somewhere around 7,000 feel in altitude. They include the altitude on every city sign now...rather cool. I kept on trucking along until I came to Kingman, AZ, and needed to get off and get gas and some food. I got off at exit 53, the first one I came to that had gas and food advertising. I filled up, and then pulled across the street to go to Jack In The Box !!!! I have been patiently waiting to eat here again since my last vacation to CA...I LOVE their tacos (with no sauce please, too hot for me), and their potato wedges with cheddar and bacon bits are to great too. And the tacos are always 2 for 99 cents, so its a poor mans feast. After getting my food, I went back to my truck to get on the road again and decided to take a walk around the trailer. And I noticed that the passenger's side trailer wheel was leaning at an angle like a computer backslash..\... OH MY GOD.....I know that when I checked the truck out in the morning before starting the days travel, everything was okay. I immediately got my Uhaul paperwork and found a payphone and called for emergency service. Unfortunately in most of AZ Sprint has no cell service nor a reciprocating agreement, so my cellphone was all but dead unless I wanted to make a collect cell thank you. My nightmare has now begun.

Without going into details, I spent the next 4 hours waiting around the parking lot of the restaurant, making payphone calls, etc. until I finally got the message that a mobile repair truck wasn't coming out today at all, and a tow truck service finally showed up on the scene.(I had a total of 15 calls logged between me and the road hazzard service customer reps !!!!) Uhaul expected me to stay in a motel for the night and they would fix the trailer in the morning. It turns out that the bearings were gone on the wheel and Iwas so very lucky it happened in this parking lot and not on the roads coming down the mountain....I could have careened off the cliffs very easily. My trailer got towed to a Uhaul dealer and I checked into the Best Western for the evening. I got myself some dinner and settled into the room, watching TV and working on the computer. This time, I got the phone card to work so Icould dial online without having unreal phone bills. However, Uhaul was paying for the room, so it didn't really matter. Now to get some good sleep, and be ready to get boogieing on the road in the am.

sweet dreams,   phyl  8=]


Wow, I managed to get up early today, which is good because I want to make some good mileage today. I would like to get all the way across Arizona so that I can arrive the next day in California with daylight left and possibly be able to turn in the trailer, saving me one day's rental.

I got checked out, paid the phone bill for my internet usage, then had a fairly quick breakfast at the local Denny's, got my gas, which has gone up in price, and hit the road. Mostly I have been paying $1.45 to $1.50 per gallon, but I know it will be more in CA...oh well, a necessary evil which will be offset by other things not costing as much, etc. I have rain again, which is a pain to drive in. It is misty-like, sometimes changing to a light drizzle, but nothing more so far, which is lucky. The panhandle of Texas as well as Oklahoma behind me have been having horrible thunder storms for the past several weeks, flooding out some towns. I have been lucky so far to not have experienced anything like that. I bought myself some yellow sunglasses at the start of the trip and they really make rainy days seem okay. They put a tint on the day that is clear and bright, not dull and dreary. The only downfall so far is that I find myself taking video of things that look really cool to me, only to realize when I take off the yellow glasses, they look rather dull and yucky. Wonder if I can get a yellow tinted lens for the camera? will have to check into that, could make some very interesting photography.

There is quite a bit of traffic thru this stretch of I-40 West, so many trucks on the road. I have a thought that if someone could figure out how to make rail travel affordable for shippers, with faster, and more trains traveling with truck beds, etc. on them, we could save millions of barrels of oil and crude......I have never ever seen so many trucks on the road as I have in this trip. Imagine all the diesel we could save by just using something else??? I know that it would cost truckers jobs, but the short haulers will still have to pick up the load at the rail yards, then haul it to the destination, then pick up the new load and take it back to the train....and so on. Additionally, truckers today just aren't the same quality and caliber of drivers that were on the roads 20 years ago. The courtesy seems to have slipped away, and I actually was almost run off the road by one truck, Covenant (owned by a church no less, according to one trucker I was talking with) who decided to come back into the right hand lane before he got completely past me !!!! unnerving to say the least. For the most part, the speed limit on the Interstate highways is 75, and that means the trucks were traveling at least that if not 80, so when they pass you, they are "hauling ass" if you excuse the expression. And since I was only traveling speeds between 50 and 60, they just blew by me, sometimes 5 or 6 trucks in a row!!!! wow.

I did manage to drive part of Route 66 in Texas, the motel, restaurant and gas station was on the old route, so that's cool. I managed to make it across the state line and into Arizona, but only as far as Holbrook. It appears to be a nice sized town, and I got a room at a Days Inn. Lots cheaper than the last state, only $29.95 plus tax tonite compared to $49.95....those texans, eh? It was very cold, down into the upper 30's when I checked in, could see my breathe and all. I got settled down in the room, went to go online and check email, but didn't have my glasses, I had left them in the truck. I thought that I could do without them, so I didn't have to get dressed again, but that was impossible. So, I put on some clothes, and trudged back to the truck (which had to be parked at a lot at the end of the hotel due to the trailer on the back), and I had left my dome light on !!!! so my guardian angels were on the lookout for me, and forced me back to my truck for glasses so I could save my battery....I am sure glad too.....wouldn't have wanted to find a jump in the morning, especially since I don't have any cables...put that on the "wanted" list, phyl :) :). The rest of the evening was uneventful, got a good nights sleep and feel good.


OK, Day 3 on the road....Today, it was cool and cloudy when I got up and started driving. I soon picked up misty rain, and it stayed with me all day. I drove all the way thru the state of Missouri, and into the state of Oklahoma. I made it thru Oklahoma and into Texas before I quit for the night. I have gained an hour by crossing into Central Time Zone, and that always helps. I drove a bit later than I thought I should, but wanted to try and make the trip shorter on the back end, by driving more on the front end. The rain did end just west of Oklahoma city, but it looks to be starting again.

I have had a phone call each day from Dan, which is great. He has then sent an email to my sister to let her know how I am doing, where I am, and so on. Thats great cause last night, when I tried to call my folks, their line was busy. So, I called Jan, and got her voicemail, and left her a msg and told her to make sure she called mom and dad. Well, turns out they were all talking to each other and Jan didn't get my voicemail until the next day, so everyone was a bit worried about me. The email helped a bunch, and Jan called my parents to let them know I was alive and doing well. first thing thursday am.

Today, I didn't take any still photos, only the video. The scenery is fantastic, and its rather easy to take movies while driving, etc...except for the darn rain drops all over the windows. The trucks are still driving me crazy...I have never seen so many of them. And with other states having the speed limit of 75, you can only imagine how fast they are whipping by me as I drive my little ole 55 ot 60...sometimes slower even. It is a bit intimidating to say the least. Again, I had misty, spitty rain most of the day. I have managed to drive on a part of the Motherroad every single day so far, mostly by accident. I will get off to get gas, and that happens to be part of the road. I am driving I-44 west, then I-40 west, and will finish up with I-15 south in CA to I-8 in CA. for the most part, Route 66 is the foundation for our Interstates and so they parallel sometimes, and other times were built right over the old road. There are times when Route 66 has veered off by several miles to where the towns are actually built and the Interstate bypasses these towns...the nature of the beast. One time I got off onto the South Side Access Road for gas and bfast, and that happened to be original Route 66. It just has a special feel to it, but I am afraid that too much commercalizing will be its ruination....there will always be the spirit and all, but too much commercialization will suck.

Tonite, I stayed in the Irish Inn in Shamrock, TX, a bit of a landmark. It was really nice and the best sleep I have had in a while. I had to park a bit far from the room due to having the trailer at the end of the truck, but all is well. I had a nice hot roast beef sandwich for dinner (made with pot roast meat...yum), and a piece of lemon meringue pie for dessert (actually had the pie for bfast). I got online for the first time in several days and had a mountain of email to read thru. I couldn't find any local access numbers for Shamrock, se levie....managed to get some updating done, but not all. Got to bed a bit late, but thats okay. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. Looks like rain in the forcast again. yuck.

I got a decent start to the day, but not as early as I wanted....I just kept rolling over and going back to sleep....ouch. I wanted to have time to get some bfast before leaving, but didn't, so I just hit the road. I got gas and something to eat there, and didn't stop again until I needed gas. I am going to drive this trip on the top half of my tank, always filling it when it gets to 1/2, whenever I can.

I managed to follow the roads thru Indiana without getting lost or off on the wrong road...the last time thru here was to go to Wisconsin, but that takes a different route. At one point, I was sure I had jogged when I was supposed to jig, but I had it right....go with your gut and first instinct. I decided to use the Toll Road to get over to I-55, and that was a good choice as the free road was jammed with trucks, cars and more trucks. I hadn't travelled during the day in a while, and was amazed at all the trucks.

I took I-55 south until Willmington, IL and then got off onto Old Route 66, and travelled thru some really nice towns, etc. Along the way, I stopped and called Uhaul to see about adding some days to my contract since I would be late and taking longer. After several different calls, Uhaul decided I needed to have my contract re-written and I had to find a Uhaul place to do that. I would look for one along the way, and hopefully find one in Bloomington, IL. I was taking a bunch of video of my trip, but not really any still photos. Kind of hard to be able to stop all the time with the trailer, but once I get moved, I will have the video available for all to see.

Here is one picture of an old station that was interesting. Click on it to see the larger photo.Old Express Station from Route 66 I also wandered some back roads, ended up in the middle of corn and wheat fields and backtracked to make sure I got to where I wanted to be. Also, the sunset that night was awesome, as you can see here. Driving on the Old Road gave me such a wonderful feeling. I found myself wondering how many had gone before me??? What did they think about nature around them??? Were they happy??? sad??? in a hurry??? I could really sense history as I travelled about the routes.Sunset from the first night on the road

I had decided I would sleep in the truck the first night, so I set about figuring out where I would stop for dinner (Cracker Barrell just past St. Louis), and then where I would sleep (in a rest area half way between Union and Stanton, Missouri) I needed to make as much time as I could. Unfortunately, sleeping in the truck turned out to not work very well. I am bigger in size than the last time I slept in my truck, plus it got cold and that kicked in my asthma. Additionally, I have split seats and the middle seatbelt wouldn't stay tucked down and kept poking me all night. I finally slept sitting up/leaning back and that was okay. I managed about 5-6 hours sleep, which is okay, and got on the road again around 7:30am.
ciao,     phyl :)

Hard to believe that it is already November of the year 2000!!!! It was only yesterday that we were worrying about the end of the earth at the start of the millenium. I got to sleep in a bit this morning as Mom and Dad had a dentist appointment, and I wasnt leaving until they got home. I was packing when they got home, we went over stuff, got my truck all loaded up, and then they cooked me breakfast, fried eggs and toast...a favorite of mine.

My original plans for this trip were to travel north from Cheboygan, thru the UP of Michigan and visit some lighthouses, then go south thru Wisconsin and spend a day with my sister, her husband and her daughter. However, once I had to add the trailer to the equation, I ammended that plan. From my parents, I would take a southernly route thru Michigan and then cross the state to just south of Chicago, IL and pick up I-55. I would have to limit my stops along the way at Route 66 type places also due to having to lug that trailer around behind me...but when I could fanagle it, I would take in some of the things the Motherroad has to offer. However, if time becomes an issue, I will just drive the freeways west, and make a 'true, real Route 66" trip in the future.

So, I hit the road for the start of the long trip west. The weather was a bit nippy, but sunny, no sign of rain. I had been having trouble with my cellphone since my arrival in Cheboygan, and I had called the Sprint people who checked the phone and they said it was working. It wouldnt ring, but go right into my voicemail, and people could leave a message, but without ringing, I couldn't answer !!!! I kept getting a message that something was wrong with my phone and contact the cell provider. We decided that I would wait until I can try the phone in a digital area ( I am always in analog roam in Cheboygan.) to see if that was the problem. Last week, I had my software version updated for my phone so I could pick up all new towers, etc...but maybe that changed something.

I hadn't gotten back any service by the time I reached Lansing, so I tried to find a sprint store there, or someone who could help. I got the phone reprogramed, and it is working great again. But, it was now 5pm, and I decided to just stay in Lansing for the night and start fresh in the am from there. I got a room, and spent the evening watching the redwings game and turning in for bed early. Here is what my truck looked like all loaded up for the trip. I had filled every nook and cranny with stuff...and the trailer was a bit heavy, but the trip up from Pontiac went fine, so I was feeling okay about it. And the drive down to Lansing also went well, so that helped to alleviate my fears of travelling 3000 miles with the trailer.

Pickup Truck with Topper and trailer in towClick for larger photo
ciao,     phyl :)

It’s Tuesday !!!!!!!! I was awake at 7:30am, but no one else was, so I stayed in bed until I heard my dad. I got up at 8:15, had bfast with them (raison bran), and told them about their new computer since they wanted to know if it was my computer in the box we unloaded last night. To say the least they were very surprised. We then went to the local GMC dealer to have two recall works done to my truck. One is for my windshield wipers which tend to just quit or start whenever they feel like it and the other is to check my abs brake system. They said it would be later in the afternoon, but could do it…yeah!!! Then we went to WalMart where I got a new pr of jeans, a voice tape recorder and some tapes, some new underwear that has been out of my size in Pontiac for a month, and a small bag of fritos to go with the very small can of bean dip I got at 7-11 on Sunday…it is so cute and convenient. We went from there back home, and I started to work on the old computer, backing up files, etc. After I finished, we went to Pizza Hut for a Taco Pizza, might be my last for a long time, and then thru the National City bank to pay my car loan. We drove and checked on my truck, which will be done in a half hour or so. We went back home and I went back to working on the computer. Dad and I picked up my truck later in the afternoon, and I continued to work on the computer when we got home. Mom cooked some chicken breasts, and managed very nicely to hand out a lot of halloween candy, while Dad and I worked and played with the computer some more. [Dad passed out candy too, just not as much as Mom]

The new computer is up and running great, but the modem speed isn’t as fast as it should be…I will be writing to to see if they have some suggestions on speeding up their connnection. just updated a bunch of their servers, etc. this past week, so tweeks may be in order. I am now trying to get caught up with journals, and have my camera batteries and laptop batteries charging for the trip that starts tomorrow around 10:30am….I am also watching the redwings, who are doing okay, they are playing Washington Capitals, the first team of substance in a few weeks. It will be a very long season, I am afraid. Jan called tonite to talk about a house she is thinking of seeing, I suggested she go see it and maybe take a friend along who does remodels, etc. for a professional opinion. She might have someone who wants a plant or two that I had to leave behind. I hope to be able to sell some computer stuff once I reach CA…the budget is rather strained with the length of time delay, the renting of the trailer, and other things out of my control….work will be a priority once I reach CA. And so, with all of this rambling, I am offline to relax and work on some webpage things. Ciao, Phyl ;+]

OKAY !!!! the big day is here, I am up and working on my cab at 8:30am….and it takes me until 11am to get it almost finished. The weather is cold, we had a hard frost overnight, and with each breath I take, my chest hurts a lot. So, I carry some stuff out, then sit and rest. And so on and so on. Dan got to my house at 11:00, and he tied my bike on top of the topper and finished off the packing for and with me. We got our final goodbyes, and we put the trailer onto the truck……..but, as in the fashion that has been happening, my left rear truck tire is too low!!!!!!! I have had a valve stem leak fixed three times, but it looks like it is happening again. We unhitched the trailer, went and got air in the truck, and then hitched it up again. And I finally took off for Owosso at 12:45pm. The truck seemed to drive okay, better than I had thought, which made me feel a bit easier, and it took 1-1/2 hours to get to Aunt Marcie’s house instead of the usual 1 hr and 10 minutes or so….not too bad. We went right out to lunch, which had horribly slow service, but good food, and then back to her house to work on the computer for a while. I pulled out of her house at 5:15pm headed for my folks house in Cheboygan. This time, I was able to drive a bit better and was more comfortable…driving between 50 and 60…a couple of times, I even got over 60!!! but I backed it right down….didn’t quite feel right with that speed. I got to my parent’s home at 9:30pm, and just unloaded a few things for the stay, had some cold turkey to eat, and went to bed by 11:30. Tomorrow will be a busy day for me. Stay tuned to see why…( ciao, phyl :+]

Got up on time today, went to 7-11 with Jan to get a plastic Big Gulp cup that will fit into the cupholder in my truck, the Sunday paper, and some eggs. I cooked myself some bfast at Jan’s since all of my cookware has been packed, trashed and/or sent. Then we waited a bit for Dan, but he was running late due to his transmission breaking yesterday…so we started loading the topper and got it mostly done when we ran to the Vitamin Outlet store around 3pm…I needed a couple things and Jan and I needed a break. When we got back, all three of us worked on the truck and trailer and managed to get it completely loaded with the exception of my cab. That will hold my personal computer stuff, suitcases, etc. and they will be loaded in the morning before I hit the road. Sleep be with me tonite…….phyl ;)
Gosh, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with this move, and I am getting lazy when it comes to updating daily. But, that should change soon, I hope. Jan and I ran errands in the morning after having bfast at the Stuffed Bun. Then, in the afternoon, we finally got started on packing the trailer, but only got half way thru when Dan had to go home. Jan and I were tired, and quit for the night too. We watched the Redwings win a hockey game, and I went to bed immediately following the game. Tomorrow was supposed to be an on the road day, but, alas, it is delayed one more day again….I am beginning to feel like I am not going to get to CA, but I will persevere. I am so tired, my body feels like it is 80 years old, achey all over. A good night to take Ibuprofen to sleep and relax. Over and out, Phyl ::]
Its friday, and most people say TGIF...but since I haven't worked in 5 weeks, it really doesn't matter. I gotta say, tho, that retirement sounds and would be so wonderful for me...I would love to never have to go to work again, but I don't think the creditors would like that much, nor my bank loan for the car, or the apartment, its off to work again soon. Maybe I will be a fortunate person some day to be albe to retire and do as I wish....I can hope and work and try.

Today, I finished packing up my computer room except for the actual computer. I still need that until tomorrow. I emailed back and forth with a former co-worker, Stacey, at Realcomp, and that was really nice, I miss talking to her. We used to email back and forth or use ICQ between ourselves while at work on a slow day....small things that are neat and not forgotten. I washed the last of my dirty clothes so I can pack them away tomorrow before we put my drawers into the trailer....cause, yes !!! tomorrow is the day we will actually load the trailer, and my truck, and I can get out of here on Sunday !!!!

Dan came down late this afternoon and got the fish tank and that is finished. Jan and I went and looked at another house for her, not this one either. She is having a tough time, but it will happen eventually. Then we ate dinner at the food court of Great Lakes Mall, and I got dessert from the movie theatre...a bag of movie popcorn with extra butter!!!! and they gave me a ton of butter. Tonite, I am catching up on correspondence, and just chilling out before the final push of tomorrow. I downloaded the free internet access today and it is working great...they only ask you to click the small ad banner once per hour, so that is nice, and the bar is moveable around the entire screen....much better than the Netzero one...but you never know where local access numbers will be, so I have both of them installed. Actually, I need to switch over to the laptop in a little bit to work on it and make sure that works as well too. And tonite I am finally not tired, so I can stay up and get some work done...yeah !!!!

The weather this week has been warm and humid but the cold front is coming thru as I write and the cool breezes are again blowing, so it will be a bit chilly loading, but that's okay. Time for me to get busy on other things...I am finally all caught up with journal entries. I am going to try and work on the details of what my actual travel pages will look like tonite, its the last chance I will have until I hit my parents for a day or so on Sunday/, I bid you a fond adieau, phyl    *=]
Thursday comes around and I stayed in bed until 10am again!!!! gosh this is getting too easy. I get up and continue with my packing, and now I am seeing results. I have started cleaning the mess I had on my stove with Soft Scrub and that is good. I got more things packed and then cleaned up so the apartment looks like it might actually make it into the trailer and truck with some space to spare...which means that I can take my house plants!!!!! so that excites me. I put all the potted plants into a truck storage container I found in the front hall closet, watered them, and prepared for takeoff.

I went and had lunch with Jan at Wendy's in anticipation of being able to load the trailer and get on the road tonite. However, that soon evaporated into another delay. If I were to leave on Friday, I will interfere with weekend plans for my kids, their dad and my parents, so I will delay again until Sunday. all is well.

My TV is packed away, so my only entertainment is my computer. I managed to get some local access number files saved to a disk and will print them off at my sister's house since my printer is packed away. That way I can hope to continue with the free internet access I use with local numbers and not have too much of a phone bill when I get to California. I will be using the Cell Phone as a Cell modem, which is exciting in its own right....hopefully, it will work nicely. Otherwise I will be struggling to find a place to upload files/pics and read email. I only hope that I have some good pictures to upload because the trailer is going to keep me to a 50 to 55 mph speedlimit, and that will mean that a bunch of Route 66 is out of the question this trip....but never fear, someday, I will fly back to Michigan and then rent a car and drive the road the way it is really meant to be...:) Jan and I had dinner at Wendy's with a friend who is taking my fish and fishtank...but it got too late for them to go home with him last night, he will come back and take them all home tomorrow. I will miss the fish, but I can't have the tank at my kids house, so once I find my own place, I will have another tank.

I got extremely tired again tonite, and started falling asleep at 8pm...but I have managed to wait until 10pm to go to bed. yikes. So with that, its time for nightey night.....phyl   zzz....zzzzz....zzzz....zzzz....zzz

Happy Hump Day!!! everyone. I got a phone call from Uhaul at 8 am to say there are no trailers available for pickup in Pontiac, but I can get one in Troy. So, I agreed to that, went downt to Ferndale, got my girls, then headed to Maple and Crooks to get a trailer. It took a total of almost 3 hours!!!!! to get this thing rented. I had to have my truck wired for the hitch (took 35 minutes for a 10 minute job), I had to wait for the men to mess around with lots of other stuff...and other customers, then finally, they gave me a clipboard to go out and check the condition of the trailer (which turns out to be a 4x8 !!!)....after jotting down a few dings and missing letters, etc., I find the left tire is BALD!!! so I had to request a better tire, and it took them another half hour to replace both tires with new ones. So, needless to say, it really took a bit out of my packing time, got us all out of the mood, and just was a yucky day. The up side of the day was spending time with my girls, talking and getting caught up, etc.

Once we finally made it back to my apt, Kim and Steph were surprised at the state of affairs. They thought I was all ready to go....NOT...anyway, they both pitched in and helped me a big bunch packing some boxes and dresser drawers, etc. At 3pm, they left with Aunt Jan to go to the Detroit Redwings game at the Joe, and I just kept plugging away. I had a friend helping me and we got my wooden book cases taken apart, and some other things dismantled. We have an area in my living room measured off to the specs of the trailer so we can see where we are heading and that helps....I can see the light at the end of this tunnel, and it is growing brighter...yeah !!!!!

I quit at 7:30, went upstairs to Jan's place to raid her refrigerator (my food was all packed up and mailed out), but after I ate, I fell asleep on the couch for most of the first period of the hockey game. I woke up for about 10 minutes, then fell asleep again, until the 3rd period, and then slept thru most of that one. I came home, checked email and went straight to bed by 10:30pm....I slept 6 hours straight without even moving in bed !!! which, by my standards is great but highly unusual. After that, I just kept rolling over and going back to sleep. I am still feeling more comfortable all curled up in my bed...I must be stressing out big time, eh?
Time will tell.     see ya tomorrow  phyl   8=]


Again, I slept in a bit late, it is getting harder and harder to wake up and get moving each morning. I get a lot more things packed up today, but came to the realization that I need to either rent a trailer or pay a fortune shipping too many boxes via UPS. After spending some time evaluating what exactly I still have left in my apartment, I decide to price out and then rent a 4x6 trailer from Uhaul. I got one reserved online, and will call first thing in the morning to make sure it is really available. Because of this decision, it means that I am going to be here in Michigan a bit longer, so I take a few hours off to relax and watch some tv. I am also burning FamilyPhoto CD's as I work each day, and I only have 5 more to go...but the labels don't want to print correctly, so I will have to do that once I move and then mail the cd's out to family members from will give me a way to send them my new address too !!!

I got a call from Steph, and she and Kim want to come out and see me Wednesday, help me pack and be here for Aunt Jan for the hockeygame they are going to Wednesday night. I make arrangements to pick them up at their dad's house at 10 am. Cool deal.
phyl :+]

Woke up this morning not feeling totally great. Still some leftover blah's from the seasonings yesterday. But, I need to get really busy and get out of here. As the day progressed, tho, I came to realize that I have way too much stuff and packing is going slow. I will be delaying some, but still hope to be on the road by Wednesday. I shipped off boxes #7 to #16 today at UPS, $ there is so much more to go.

My girls fly into Michigan tonite at 10pm, so I might actually get to see them before I leave. Other than that, nothing earth shattering happened. In passing, being delayed isn't all that bad, the weather in the middle of the US, particularly in Texas, Oklahoma, etc. is horrible...with flash floods, cities under water, and so on....God has his reasons to keep me here in Michigan longer, that I am sure of.

I did actually finally sell my Glider/Rocker, the gentleman came this afternoon and picked it up. yoo hoo !!!!

ciao,   phyl :=]

Okay, so the blue guys won yesterday, at least Tiger Woods has the USA in the lead in the golf championship right now.

Jan, a friend and I went to Joe's CrabShack for lunch today, Sunday, and it was a really cool place. I had eatten at one in San Diego, but they are all around the country, a division of Landry Restaurants (yes the football coach launddy family) We all had fish and chips, with an appetizers of Onion Rings. There was a seasoning on the fries that also carried over to the coating on the fish. And I had a bad reaction to the seasoning. I got a bit wheezy at the restaurant, then got a headache. By the time we got home, 20 minutes later, I was a walking sleep person, so I laid down and slept for a couple of hours....and then felt lousy. Also had stomach discomfort, and pee'd a bunch. needless to say, I got no packing done, I went to bed early, and slept most of the night. This has then set me back an entire day in my plans. I am now going to puling out of Pontiac on Wednesday, and then out of Michigan on friday. But all is well with the universe.

And with that, its nighty night for me :)   oh yeah...the redwings won their 2nd game in a row tonite too....yippee !!!!


Go Green !!!! The big game is this afternoon, UofM against MSU. I don't really hold any hope for the green, they are rebuilding and not doing too well.

Today I got a lot of computer work done, burned several more cd's for the Family CD Set, and also packed up a bunch of boxes. It is slowly coming together. I wandered around on the net, checking out Route 66 websites, etc. trying to plan some kind of action for the trip. Because I have been delayed a few days, I am not going to be able to see as much of it as I had wished, but seeing any of it and partaking in the emotions, etc. is enough. I got a new tape for the camcorder that is of high quality, am anxious to see if it is really much better than the usual stuff. This digital 8 camera is really nice, other than the annoying humm that will be fixed once I reach CA.

I did a bunch of shopping with Jan, and then by myself, trying to get a cable to connect my cellphone to my cell modem, but I ended up ordering it off the internet and having it sent to my parent's house...I will test it there and then hopefully be connected while on my journey. I also watched the RedWings win!!! in OT, but they are not looking as sharp as they need to be, it will be a long season.

over and out .......... phyl   :+]


Today, I took boxes #2 thru #6 to UPS and posted them off to CA !!!! so I am truly on my way. much weight. Then I got a few errands completed, and had a nice long afternoon lunch with my friend, Marilyn, from Realcomp. We got caught up on all the things happening there at the office, good and bad, and on my plans, and trip, etc. It was very enjoyable, and fun. I will see her one more time before I get on the road officially to give her my printer which she bought from me.

Then I went to WalMart to get a voice activated tape recorder for my trip so I don't have to remember everything I see, etc....the old mind just doesn't work like I want it to sometimes :) :) but they were out !!! I just will have to keep looking. I spend Friday night going out to dinner with Jan at our favorite Mexican restaurant for the last time and then trashing some more things around the house, in preparation for packing tomorrow. Sat and sun will be "the days" for packing. I am ready. Oh yeah, I also emailed back and forth with my friend, Mark Blair, and he finally got a new job, will be leaving the Kmart hell he has been in for the past several months.....congrats Mark....additionally, Angie Cavanaugh, another friend from Realcomp, quit her job during this week, and Friday was her last day.....contrats!!!! I don't know what she is going to be doing yet, but she does have another job. :)

over and out .......... phyl   :+]


Another beautiful day in Hockeytown...(game is on tonite..:) Today, I got the backend of my pickup truck all cleaned out with the help of a friend. I had 4 bags of Killy litter still in the backend, part of last years winter weight for my axles, and still had several stones and patio brick there too. And, one of the other kitty litter bags had broken open and litter was scattered through out and over everything. Went to the quarter car wash....geeze, those things cost a small fortune these days!!!....and got it completely washed out, including the rubber floor liner too. It is just waiting for those boxes to fill the space. We grabbed some quick lunch at Arby's, and checked out a few websites, then I settled down and watched hockey with Jan for the rest of the evening.

I did have a gentleman call me from Chrysler about some of my things for sale, and he came over at 3:30 to check them out.....he said he loved the glider rocker, and possibly the washer, and would call me later that night, but he never did. I also had another call about the furniture for sale, but the cellphone lost the call and that gentleman never called back. So, I still have most everything waiting for someone to buy it....I guess my donation fo the Salvation Army is going to be a big one this year.

ciao.......... phyl   :+]


Wow, the weather sure has turned nice again here is Michigan....gotta love it. The day starts off cool, bt ended up in the 60s. I took the time to go to the two new casino's in Detroit, The MotorCity Casino and MGM Grand Casino. I won $18 at the first and lost $20 at the second, so if you are going to go to either, try the MotorCity first...:)

I did get another box packed, and found a bunch more magazines to trash....geeze, I didn't realize I had accumulated so much crap in just the year I have been at this apartment, but then some of this stuff I moved with me from the last know, I was always saying I would take the time to go thru them and take care of old stuff....but I just never did it. Now is that time tho, gotta trim the ole travel baggage down.

Lyn was in town for work, and I met her and Jan at Sommerset Mall at the California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. They got there ahead of me and did some shopping, and had their dinner ordered when I got there. We moved to a larger table, and I got myself an hawiian pizza which was really good. Then I rode home with Jan, and chillled out the rest of the night. Toomorrow will be a good day, I can tell already. good night,   phyl ;)


Good morning all, its Tuesday, and I am out of motivation. I goofed around onine for a while, chatted with both my daughters and got caught up with stuff, and went with Jan to look at several houses. For those who don't know, Jan is trying to buy her first home, and it is a challenge in today's market, but she will persevere. Then I ended the day watching the Detroit RedWings win a game, woo hoo!!! Didn't really accomplish much else. Better days are coming, I am sure. see ya, phyl :)


Today was fairly busy. I got to my credit union and made a withdrawl that will allow me to repay a friend who loaned me money to get by until I got the buyout checks. I then went to the Farmington Hills side of town, had lunch with Patrick, a former co-worker. I shopped at WalMart, Circuit City, Best Buy and ended up at Sam's Club. I renewed my membership, got some tapes for the camcorder and headed home. I was tired when I got here, but didn't take a nap. I also had a phone call from someone at Chrysler who is going to call and come by my house tomorrow to see some of the things that I have for sale....I really need to get rid of some of the furniture and large house plants, know anyone that would like these items for a cheap price?? they are really cheap to anyone who can or would want them. I wish I could take them all with me, but it just isn't possible.

I spent some nice time with Jan this evening getting caught up on her house hunting, and what was happening around the town and apartments the past several days Then I came back to my own house, remade my bed and soon I am hitting the sack. I got the air mattress pumped backup and ready for a good nights sleep. On that subject, I am so much in love with sleeping on air that I priced air mattresses out today at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They sell them for starting prices of $700 for a full size bed. I have several ideas obout a new bed for me once I move to CA. (note: today, I extended my departure date until 10/24 due to extenuating circumstances).

Tomorrow will be a day of packing, and organizing, that's for time to go....adieau, phyl ;)


BRRR....Woke up this sunday morning to 39 degrees...yikes!!!! Managed to get ahold of the Shepler's Lighthouse Tour people and found out they ended the lighthouse tours on 9/ will save it for my next visit in the area. And with that decision out of the way, we had a great bfast buffett at the hotel, then hit the road for Cheboygan. We stopped at 40 Mile Point Lighthouse, and it was actualy open for tours, so we climbed the tower, and I got some great video. It was 45 degrees outside with about 25 mile an hour cold. We walked on the beach for some water-side pictures, and then got back on the road. We walked the beach and the pier at the Cheboygan City Beach :+} but before we could get zoomed in on the 14 Foot Shoal light, the misty rain clouds rolled in and kept covering up the lighthouse. I got a quick shot at least. We then got pictures of the other lighthouse that is up the channel near the Bois Blanc Island Ferry.

From here, I showed my friend the Dam and Docks on the Black River...thanks to my parents who showed them to me a few weeks ago. There were salmon running upstream and there must have been 40 people around the basin fishing, some even in the water in hip waders. We got to see them catch a couple of fish, they were dark and fairly large. Then we headed back down US23 as the day was getting short and we wanted to see a couple of other lighthouses and take some pics of a totally awesome stone house in Alpena.

We managed to get some nice pics of the stone house and just made the Sturgeon Point Lighthouse in the twilight of evening. The park was closed, but we wallked down on the beach and got some pics from the water side. The wind was a bit warmer here, but still very strong, and consistent. It went right thru the lightweight coats we were wearing. I got home sunday night at 11:30 and collapsed into my bed. I totally enjoyed the weekend. Great diversion from the task at hand.

Today, I travelled to Alpena to attend a Lighthouse Festival. Wegot there early in the afternoon, wandered around the festival grounds and then found a room at the nearby Holiday Inn.....that was a stroke of luck because on the internet a few days earlier, it said there were no rooms available. And, the room didn't smell of potpourri or I could stay there. The weather was warm, probably upper 60's, but there was a wind, so the craft vendors were having a bit ofa problem keeping things from flying off their tables. We got to see the Lighthouse Museum just outside of town, and took some more photos...oh yeah. Dinner was nice, and bedtime was early, the drive took a lot out of me. Tomorrow might be a cruise on the Shepler Lighthouse tour out of Mackinac City, they just didn't answer their phones tonite.    :+}
A glorious day was today, that's for sure. Sunny, warm, (in the lower 70's), and a nice breeze. I got my 2nd penion plan check in the bank, and they actually gave me access to this I paid a few more bills, and am feeling more confident every day about the upcoming trip. I also packed 4 more boxes, and did some further researching into prices for shipping my boxes across the country. I got great prices from Greyhound Bus, and that is who I will be using to ship my things....totally cool. I had almost forgot about them, but they come in around 70 cents a pound, the best I have found. And I got my departure date set into stone, I will leave my apartment around 10am, Sunday, 10/22/00 !!! with an anticipated date of arrival in San Diego between 11/2 and 11/4/00......phew.

I made definite dinner plans with a lady I worked with who is buying my printer so I can deliver it and then see her one more time before I move. I will see her in the future as her husband has family in San Diego, and they try to visit yearly...yeah!!! plus we email back and forth. She is a very dear friend. And I have tentative lunch plans with another ex co-worker on Monday, if we can set a time. He is just too, too busy for his own good. I got an oil change done on the truck today, and some new underwear!!! I made a nice big bowl of potato salad and will be cleaning up some fruit tonite to take with me to my Lighthouse trip tomorrow. The weather looks like it might rain some in Alpena, but not much.

Can you believe what happened in Yemen? It sure puts the fear of god in me, and I just wonder where this world is heading and who exactly is directing the moves?   nightey night.... phyl 8=]
Got up early again today, but only because of a charlie horse in the righ leg...ouch!!! I need to get my pychogenol again so I can get back to feeling better. I need to order it online and need to have my money before I do that. Today, in the mail, I got the 2nd part of my payout, my 401K money, so will get that in the bank tomorrow....again, there will be a 3day hold. as long as I can get it before I leave.

I got a bunch more notebooks emptied out today, and more things from the shelves in the warroom packed. I got to chat with Steph online in the evening for a short while, which was very nice. Tonite is another RedWings game, and Jan made chili for dinner for us. I got to the store, got salad for me, mailed out the bills, and paid the car pymt ( i forgot it yesterday). Am still figuring out the day of departure, it might just have to wait a day or two and instead of leaving on 10/20, it will be 10/22...but thats okay. Looks like the weather has lifted out west, and there isn't any snow to drive thru, thank goodness. And our weather has gotten back to being nice, in the upper 60's....I still have a couple of people to see for lunch and/or dinner, trying to arrange that as well. And to just get busy and pack.   good night, phyl ;)

YIKES....I went to the bank and found out that due to my pension check being from out of state, it has to be held for 3 business days !!! and since that ends on Friday, the money won't be available until Monday...oh my. I then went up to Flint, to see my friend, and get some work done on my truck. The a/c doesn't work right and there is a good, reputable place up there to have it worked on. So, while they were working on the truck, we went running errands, etc. We went to PHillips Topper World and found a great used topper for the truck, $175. I put a deposit on it, we will come back once I get the truck. Then we went to Birch Run, I got another camcorder battery from the Spiegels Outlet for a steal of a price, we had lunch at Long John Silver's, a favorite of mine, but all the stores in the Detroit area went out of business, so I eat their food when I am in Flint. We went to JCPenneys to shop for me, found nothing, and went to Sam's and the day old bakery. We also mailed out my first box of belongings at the post office!!!!!! talk about high prices, there shipping rates have gone up and it cost $1.50 a pound to ship!!!! outrageous. So, I checked and UPS/FedEx is $1.00/pound and a freight drop would be $1.10/ I gotta get rid of some more stuff, and be more careful what I send and what I haul with me.

My truck turned out to be fine, just needed a pound of charging, $55.08 total....yeah!!! and then went over to the topper place and bought myself a topper for the truck. It is the older style, but an almost new unit. It is white, which is okay with my maroon truck, has levered windows on the side and has a top rack as well. It is cool. Jan says it makes my truck look old, which it does, but the functionality is great. Its hard to get used to not being able to see around the back of the truck as well, and I will really have to learn to use those mirrors !!!! I can see myself now, throwing down a blowup mattress, grabbing my camera gear and hitting the desert!!! watch out world...:)

Anyway, the day was good, got home in time to watch the home opener game of the Detroit Redwings, (I listened to pregame on the radio, but Jan taped it for me and the kids in CA), and hit the sack around 1am...phew...a very full day. Maybe I can be back on schedule afterall. :)

OKAY!!! its tuesday and was time to really put the nose to the grind, but I spent a lot of time online today, emailing with old high school friends, searching on shipping alternatives, etc. I got a callback from a moving company, they want $1480 to move me!!! I don't think so. I will continue to check. I did get some more scanning done today, and burned another two sets of Family CD's and created and made the labels, so that is good too. Time for bed, I am tired, I got up early today, and will do so again tomorrow so I can hit the bank and run some errands. toodles....:)
Happy Monday !!! Its a postal Holiday, so I have to wait another day to see if I am getting my pension money, but that's okay. I at least know the amount, so I wrote out checks to pay the bills, and made some plans for work on my truck, etc. Packed my first box !!!!! of little collectibles that are on my warrroom shelves, and got a box also packed and ready to send to my girls with goodie in it. Next is to find a small box so I can send a goodie box out to my son as well. And I got the box prepared to send a return back to Spiegels. I also cooked the rest of the chicken breasts from the freezer today so I can eat them with ease.....ciao, phyl ;+]
Today was a good day, never left the house except to visit with my sister, Jan, and share Pizza with her for dinner. I also showed her the video tape of the Agawa Train Trip, and some video I shot while in CA last year. Neat stuff. I have gotten a bunch of webwork done, wrote a newsletter for the month of October, started the Tech Tip of the Week, and have the journal entry done before midnight !!!! woo hoo !!! I slept better last night, and slept in until 11am today, so it is a good thing. I made contact with an old highschool friend via email, and found out that another old friend and neighbor is alive and living in Illinois. I got his address and will be writing an old fashioned snail mail letter, this person didn't know if he is online or not. Imagine that. :) :)

I have souped up the background and format of the daily journal, and added a count down feature to the top of this page, counting my days until I arrive in CA...with this cold weather, I can't wait. over and out...... phyl   8=]
Took the video camera into a Sony Service Center to find out that it is not normal to hear the sounds that I hear...the camera is only 7 days old!!! but they want at least a week for repairs. There was no tech working (don't they want to service customers on the weekend???) so I might just go back on Monday. Maybe it would be quicker than that, the techs would know. The counter person thought it is a spindel. Sounds harmless. I might just wait until I get to CA to have it fixed. Will have to decide that next week. Nothing else completed, had to drive thru my first SNOW STORM !!!!! oh, it was awful....and more like sleet/hail than snow, but it was cold, and windy, and white....not transparent like rain. There is a chance for more tomorrow, I gotta get out of here.

I did send some emails out to see what trucking my goods west would cost....I think I am going back to the plan of boxing and mailing a bunch of stuff myself, so I don't have too much for my poor little truck. Tomorrow's another day. And I slept very well on the air mattress, it will work out great !!!! Anyone out there need a great washer??? I gotta sell that.    ciao,   phyl  :=]
Nothing happened worth mentioning. I made a call to Prudential, who is in charge of my penion plan payout and found out that the Acct Executive was out on maternity leave!!! and there was a field left blank on my form by the Plan Administrator (not me or my company) I got that straightened out and assigned to a different Acct Exec....and I will follow up again Monday as I didn't get any call back. I also sold the TV and my bed, so I am sleeping on the blowup mattress from my parents....will let you know tomorrow if I survive the night !!!! a fond adieu
Travelled home from Cheboygan, and had a final dinner with a great friend of mine, Mark Blair. We worked together at NTT a few years back, and have remained good friends. We have lunch or dinner every several months of so, and write countless emails. This is the last one before I move. Check out his website if you are interested...and go to his Detroit RedWings pages...sign up for his newsletter. It is excellent !!!!!

Might have a buyer for my webcam, but no one ever called back about the washer, so it is still available...grab it while you can !!!!
Spent all day on the Agawa Train, it was beautiful and exciting, especially when the train would hit a mis-aligned track and jump and make a large noise !!! Dad would say really loud, "broke another wheel!!!" too funny. no work done towards the trip, but couldn't install the newer 56k modem into the computer, the pentium is too old to support it and the com ports wouldn't hold. gotta figure out something different before I move.
Travelling to Cheboygan in order to spend more time working with mom and dad on the computer and to take the Agawa Canyon train trip tomorrow with them and my aunt marcie church....nothing done towards my move.

Nothing much going on today. I got all of my old magazines cleaned up, trashed and optimized. I pulled a 56K modem out of my computer and will be taking it up north tomorrow to install into mom and dad's computer. Then I will replace their 33.6 back into mine. I use isdn connection, so it is just a fallback to have an actual modem.

The family photos did turn out to take 5-cd's and I have a full set and a backup set made. More are forthcoming.

I will be redesigning this journal in the next several days, just need to finalize my thoughts and take the time.    :)
I am going to condense the past several days into one entry because I have been doing nothing but scanning, scanning, scanning !!!! and I finally have all the old photos that I can find scanned, all the slides scanned, and even went thru some negatives, but didn't find any that didn't have the corresponding prints available for scanning. PHEW !!! Yesterday I spent the day cleaning up photos, cropping out stuff, fixing the color on the slides, eliminating duplicates and trying to organize them. I am sure that I missed some doubles, and that not all the photos are in great shape, but it is pretty darn good.

Late yesterday, during the Detroit Red Wings game (we tied Dallas 2-2), I started the process of actually making a CD of these photos and when I quit at 3:30am......I had 3 full CD's made. It is probably going to be a 5-CD set of photographs. There will pics that will only interest certain branches of the family, that is for sure, but I will provide a complete set to each of my siblings, and my parents and my aunt. If anyone else is interested, just let me know. There are some photos not taken of my immediate family, and I could put those on a separate CD if people are interested, just let me know.

Other than that, I haven't hardly left my house except to mail some bills, get some groceries and feed the cat upstairs (Jan is down in TN with mom and dad, yes they did call finally, and were fine, just left the house as soon as they got there that night...seems to me they did the same thing last year....hmmm....mmm...) I went out today and got some new computer parts (thanx to a loan from a dear friend) so I can fix Stephs computer when I get out there, her's is dead. And will be taking some time off to go to Gibralter Trade Center/MT Clemens, to a gun show and to wander the booths a bit. Need to get out of here, I am going stir crazy. But, I want to watch the olympic finale tonite, so will be home at a decent hour.

I started the countdown today....32 and counting. I expect to arrive in SD (stands for San Diego and will be using thruout the rest of the journal) on 11/ my girls some time to breathe after flying home from Michigan on 11/1. The excite and anticipation is growing, but so is the frustration. Nothing is selling, so I gotta try harder...and advertise more. se levie......         ciao, phyl :)

The weather has started to turn here in Michigan, fall is upon us. Today, I took time for myself to play and spend it with a friend. Much needed. My nerves and stress level tends to get the better of me, and a day to play is just what the doctor ordered.

Now, its evening, and I am finally getting to running an ad in the newspaper to sell things. Also, I have gotten some more research done on replacing some of my electronic equipment, and did get some good info last night on the upcoming route. Next thing is to actually tackle some packing !!!

I guess Jan, Mom and Dad got to TN okay, its 9pm & haven't had any phone call as of yet. I have fed Mihos, tried to raid Jan's kitchen, but she didn't have any Jiffy Bisquick, and had just chicken soup and cereal for dinner. Now time to do some serious webwork.
Started the day with sleeping in until I felt like getting up. Tried to do some work on the computer, but my mind kept wandering, so I logged online, and checked out a bunch of sites for Route 66, the Motherroad of all roads. Got some really good info, like where it starts, etc. and saw a ton of photos...I am still geeked and can't wait.

I did manage to get some laundry done today which is good, because I need to sell the washer and quick, so I can continue to eat and have gas in my truck until my final money is sent to me from Prudential. I am probably going to have to "do" the flea market afterall this weekend, just to get rid of some things....I need to put an ad in the Observer/Eccentric to sell some things too. Maybe tonite.

Mom and Dad are down and they and Jan and I had dinner with Lyn tonite at Red Robin, Novi, which was a very pleasant experience. Took my mind off the job at hand for a while. But, now back to the grind.
I went to my ex-workplace to collect my final paycheck, sign the paperwork to get the pension plan stuff rolling, and check out my COBRA benefits....not much change of signing up for that since I can't use them in CA...but I might keep them for the 3 weeks or so I am still here in Michigan. I got to say goodye to a lot of friends at the office and pass out the ole business card. I also asked for a letter of reference from our CEO, she graciously agreed. Also discussed the possibility of working for Sandicor, the MLS in south San Diego county. Karen knows the CEO, and offered, but first, I will send an email and check on my own....then call in the favors.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning up my apartment. I also got the notebook started for this trip, with lots of info that I have gathered from websites about Route 66. I am so excited to be taking this next step in my life, and sharing it with friends and family is just TOO COOL !!!
Today is the first day of the rest of my life....okay, so its an old cliche, but it is true. Yesterday, 9/23/00, was the last day of my job, and now, I am starting a new part of my life. I will be chronicling it here, on the web, for the world to see. Daily updates whenever possible will be posted so stay tuned to this saga. You never know, you may be part of history, mine at least...:) phyl ;)