SURF'S UP !!!!

it was a nice, sunny day in southern california....too nice to be sitting at home

so, we took a drive to Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach

we watched the surfers challenge Mother Nature

checked out some of the gorgeous homes...and drooled a lot !!!

enjoy, we did    :=]

NOTE: click on the smaller photos for a larger view

This is the first view we saw after we parked the car...WOW
A totally awesome, neat house across the road from the cliffs. See all of the birds sitting on the top of the tower??? They sure have a "birds eye view" don't they??? he he he
    There was lots of green vegetation all around. Southern California had a fairly wet summer this year, and everything is just growing like crazy!!  
On the top of the rock sat a large group of Pelicans, sunning themselves, just like we were. And the houses in the background, so nice and inviting  
This one is a few days earlier, and at the Shelter Point beach in Pt. Loma, but still beautiful and nice shot of the downtown area in the background.

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