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The San Diego LaRowe's

Updates to this part of the family are long overdue, but I got some goodies this time. Kim has started playing hockey out there in sunny Southern California, and I got the pleasure of seeing and recording her practice on my last visit. I have created a small mpeg movie for everyone to see, it's just the tip of the iceberg, as the saying goes. A full lenth movie approximately 25 miutes long is also availalble, but too big for the web. It can be seen via CDRom, just click the email link and request one..................I will be glad to send it to you.

I have also included some still pics of both Kim and her conspirator, Sylvana. They both skate, and are both signed up for a summer league!!! More pics will follow as I get them from the source, we all know how that goes, right? And I am no angel when it comes to being up-to-date. For the full details on the escapades of Kim and Sylvana on ice, surf on over to Kim's webpage, she will love the company !!!!

Click on Kim with her stick to the <= left to see a short movie of her practice on March 21, 2000 using RealAudio G2 player

Click on Kim with her stick to the right=> to see a short movie of her practice on March 21, 2000 using Windows Media Player
This picture shows Kim in her other life, as an Aviculturist at Sea World. She is holding a 3month old baby Blue/Gold Macaw named Maya. She does love her birds
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Updates on Todd's life are that he has graciously agreed to be a regular contributor to my other website venture, as a cartoonist!!!! I will start off with one cartoon each month, and then build from there as his schedule and/or inspiration allows. He is currently still working at Sea World, in the Entertainment department, but, alas, that is only part-time during the off seasons, and full-time during the rest of the year. Thus, he also works for a band called, Rockola, in the capacity of equipment mover and shaker, and sound/lights man. He is putting his great technical skills to work, and continues to search for a band he can call his own. He does play the keyboard occasionally when needed, but nothing regular. Hang in there,'s a comin' !!! I don't have any pics of him, however, doing his 'music' thing, but I did get some new ones of him just hanging out with us girls on my last visit out. Check him out ladies..... :) And here is his website, which needs updating, but you never know......House of Toddley

This picture is from April, 1999. Todd is playing a song or two with the band, Hera's Olive, at Dick's Last Resort.

Check out both the band and the restaurant by clicking on their names and being transported to the websites.

In March, 2000, we all took a road trip up the Coast of California, following the Highway 101 as much as we could. This shot is taken on the Oceanside Pier.


Steph continues on her march towards the top of the management heap with WalMart. She has settled into the Department Manager's job quite nicely for Jewelry, and is in her own store in El Cajon (that's a soft J, pronounced like an H....spanish and all that it is). She works regular hours unless someone calls in sick, and seemed much more relaxed and less stressed when I visited. New pics below!!!! isn't she a cutie??? She has turned into the domestic one, working with plants and flowers and loving every minute, even the clean up.....and has taken to cooking also when there is food. Starting out in this world is so hard, heck, being older and alone is no picnic either....the costs seem to stay the same no matter if you are single or not. But, all is good. Steph hasn't tackled the electronic world yet, except for chatting and occasional emails, but drop her a line at: Who knows? you might get lucky and get a response!!!! sorry steph :)

Steph is a bit camera shy, but she did pose for me with her sister and Rhett....beautiful, right?
Here is picture of the great work Steph did with the plants and bird feeders at the front of their new home!!! just imagine what it will look like in 3 or 4 months....a veritable jungle!!!

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