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The Pontiac Gang

It's Just Jan living in Pontiac for now. I, phyllis barber, moved to California two years ago. Look under CA Clan and you will find me.

Myself, Phyllis Barber, and my sister, Jan Barber, have moved again, in November, 1999, and we are now in Pontiac, MI. It was time to separate and go our different ways mostly because of my allergies to my cat, Mihos, whom Jan has adopted most graciously....he is just so loveable....who could resist??? I have a lower apt, with a patio and small garden area surrounding it, and Jan has an upper apt, right over me, in fact, that has a huge balcony. This year, we are having separate gardens, and I am not too sure exactly what I will plant and grow....I am going to be relocating to San Diego, CA, sometime this year, and don't want to have too much stuff to clean up and get rid of, if you know what I mean. Jan will have lots of flowers and herbs, and when I can get some pictures, I will definitely post them.

In the meantime, I will post up some pics of our new homes, and some of the birds that are visiting us. We are both feeding them, they are such nice things to have around unless they decide to nest right outside your bedroom window!!!! at this place, we are lucky and they aren't that close to us at 5:30am....phew.

Click on any of the pictures to see a larger view.....enjoy !! :) And don't forget to check out the other Mini Albums at the bottom of this page...:)
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