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Our Gardens

Hello ! and welcome to the 1998 gardens of Jan & Phyl Barber. Most of the work, well, all of the work on the flowers is done by Jan, but I do enjoy them!!! I do watering chores including the baskets and the pots, and I cut flowers to take to work. The water features of the garden are mine, with help from Jan as my knees aren't what they used to be!!!

This first group of pictures show the state of the garden in April, while it is spring. We have pesky rabbits and deer that like to eat our bulbs, so we were really happy this year when spring came early, before the rabbits were out of their burrows en masse, and our daffodills, tulips, grape hyacinths, and crocus' all got a change to bloom!!!! The rabbits did enjoy most of the garden, though, munching their way through our pansies and violas. However, they are entertainment for our cat, Mihos, who tries to chase them away through the patio door. We put cayenne pepper on and around the plants this year and it seemed to be a pretty good deterent to squirrels and rabbits, but when we had dew or rain, the pepper was washed off. We also tried putting cat fur around the plants, but that wasn't too effective. The birds loved the fur for their nests though!!!

Just click on the thumbnail pictures to see a larger view.

Jan Resting The back garden Daffodils that survived the rabbits!!!
Tulips that also survived!!! The pond before this year's renovations
The Old Waterfall.....dirty The Boss.....Mihos

Here are some pictures of the garden late in June, when things have really been flourishing and are lookin' good!!

Left side of garden Jan's herb garden is nice Moss Roses by the stream
New water feature for the year New waterfall for the season
View from the common area Rock Garden and stream BBQ side of patio
Jan's special flowers !!! Fantastic morning glorys Phyl's dahlia's Bird Bath w/o the pond Late August growth! More late August growth!!

Some individual pictures of our flowers for your enjoyment. As always, just click on them to see a larger picture.


Sassy Sally's Do-Drop-Inn

All pictures of the garden are owned and copyrighted by phyllis barber and not to be duplicated