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The San Diego Barber Clan

My name is Phyllis Barber and I moved to San Diego, CA in November, 2000. My three children live out here and I have once again taken to the open road and expanded my horizons to the west coast of the United States.  I will chronicle my adventures and exploits on this page in the world of the Internet.

To start it off, here are my current apartment photos. The weekend after Memorial Day, the first floor suffered a flood, overflow from our bathrooms. We all got new carpet, new vinyl and new paint jobs, plus a couple got new vanities, etc.  I only got carpet, vinyl and paint. It was finally finished Thursday, 7/3, and I am very happy and satisfiedl It is like moving into a new apartment since I had to move around and replace everything!! Any questions, just write to me

Apartment Re-Do

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