Welcome to the California Sun !

Here is a collection of some more pictures from this really nice place, San Diego, CA.

We hope you enjoy....come visit us soon !!!
as always, click on the small picture to see a larger one, may be slow downloading due to its size

There are some really amazing buildings that are being restored in downtown San Diego

The steps throughout Horton Plaza have great tile such as these

This is the roller coaster that is on the grounds nextdoor to Mission Beach, a huge beach area in San Diego

This is along the boardwalk that runs the entire length of Mission Beach. I guess it to be several miles in length. Not too busy today, its winter time.

This is the main Life Saving Station on Mission Beach. In front of it was a beach truck used for rescues, and there was one driving around. There are no lifeguard towers like you see in Bay Watch.

This is a view from top of Sunset Cliffs. Just one of many turnouts and places to stop, park and watch the water and the surfers.

just some of the houses that are along Sunset Cliff Road...many are weekend beach houses !!! totally amazing size, one for sale has 8 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms...totally awesome

Notice the figures on the top of the cliff in the distance. Those are mostly surfers either just finished for the day, or getting ready to climb down the cliffs to ride the waves.