On Saturday, June 24, 1950, Maxine Allen and John Barber were joined in Holy Matrimony. The ceremony was held in Royal Oak, MI, and was attended by friends and relatives. There were pictures taken, however, I only have one right now to display. I hope to be able to get more photos from a source in Arizona, and when I do, I will post them up too. On June 24, 2000, we celebrated the first 50 years of this marriage at the Club House, Cheboygan, MI.

The family started gathering at the Cheboygan Homestead on Wednesday, 6/21/00. Uncle Marv and Aunt Pat were the first to arrive. On Thursday, 6/22, Phyl arrived at 5pm, Jan arrived at 8pm, and Lyn/Rick/Emily got into town at 12:40am. Aunt Marcie and Zach made their appearance around 2:30pm on Friday, 6/23 and Steve and Carol arrived at 6pm. Dan/Dawn, Tim, Nick, and Megan arrived Saturday afternoon, 6/24, while the party was starting to swing and the family was complete. Unfortunately, Todd/Kim/Steph could not make it in from California, but they were here in spirit as well as Greg, who could not get the time off work and was forced to stay at home.

What follows is an assortment of photos taken mostly by myself, Phyllis, but as I get copies of other's photos and get them scanned into my computer, I will update and add to this collection. There are many, many pics, so sit back, relax, get some popcorn, and enjoy this trip thru time. There were many old photos printed and posted around the walls of the Club House for everyone to see and you can see those collages by clicking on the link at the bottom of this screen. Once I am finished with scanning all the photos of the family, I will create some CDRom's that Iwill be more than happy to send out to whomever might want them for the cost of the cd(s).....the way it looks now, it will be multiple cd's.

In addition, there were several Video Cameras in action during the entire event, starting from the first arrival thru the last's departure....and once I can get these videos from everyone involved, I will compile them and create a Party Video to best all Party Videos !!!!

CLICK BELOW TO SEE THE COLLAGES OF OLD PRINTS...as always you can click on each individual collage and it will display full screen, but this may be slow as the collages are 8" x 10" in original size
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